Dental Marketing – Why Video Websites Work So Well For Dentists

When FooCo filmed our first dental web video back in 2007 there was a sense of diving into the unknown about the whole thing. There were literally no dentists using video to market their practices back then. Only about half UK households had broadband and trying to watch web video on the internet through a dial-up modem was no fun for anyone. Buffering was the norm for all but a very few. YouTube was just a couple of years old but had already been snapped up by Google: the clue to the web video explosion that was soon to follow.

Initially, the obvious websites to use video were in the travel industry. Why risk paying for a hotel, cottage or apartment on the back of a few grainy photos when you could now view the interior, views and surrounds before having to pay a penny.

I now can’t think of a single industry that doesn’t use web video, in some form or another, to market themselves. But for dentists, the argument to use web video is even more compelling, than for other businesses. That’s because you’re asking your customers to sit in a chair, open wide and wait for some sharp instruments to be inserted. That’s a pretty tough sell!

So, the biggest reason for dentists to use web video is to build TRUST. That’s why at FooCo we believe it’s vital you produce the highest quality video possible. Do it once and do it well.

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