Why is video good for my search engine ranking?

Google and other search engines have recently started to put video links high up on the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) which means your business now has another way to reach potential clients.

You may have started to see thumbnails of videos appearing on Google when you search and, for many, this is a more appealing way to find out information, why, because many of us prefer the ease of watching over the greater effort required to navigate and read a website.

It’s a fact that people are more likely to click on image based links than text based links meaning more traffic and more business is generated by a video website compared with a text based website.

Video is also a great way to generate inbound links to your website. These links tell Google your site is popular and, therefore, carries more authority. This leads Google to rank your website higher than other sites with less inbound links.

As well as production part of our service is to syndicate the finished video on multiple websites. The more you get your video out on the internet the more you’ll be seen and found and the more links you’ll get back to your website. And there are many sites that will host your video for free; YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Myspace, Myvideo, Yahoo, Viddler, Veoh the list goes on…

Of these YouTube is the most important for seo.

It’s incredibly popular which is why Google bought it and why it’s become the second largest search engine in the world. If the world’s most important website buys you then it makes sense engage with it.

The reason Google bought YouTube is because it recognized the fact that people like video, they engage with it more easily than text and it’s obviously a far more intimate experience than finding out about a business through text and images.

We have a huge amount of experience talking to and filming healthcare patients and time and time again it’s the “human” experience they remember. That’s what we show on our videos and that’s what new patients want to see.

Two final points on why video helps your search engine ranking. 1) If you tag them with the right keywords you increase the chance of reaching viewers looking for your product or service and 2) If you make them informative and engaging then they’ll be shared across social networks like Facebook and Twitter, increasing your chance of new business still further.