How Dentists, Orthodontists & Private Health Clinics Use Video in Their Marketing

Whenever a new app or technology is released, the really smart dentists, orthodontists and doctors are among the first to experiment with it — and to start creating new content with it.
That’s because they know they have to constantly compete for their audience’s attention — and often by the most innovating and engaging means possible.

And right now, that means creating video content.

There’s no getting around it dentists, orthodontists and doctors must create video content if they want to broaden their reach and connect with audiences across platforms — such as on blogs, YouTube, social media, and search engines.

Video content isn’t up-and-coming anymore – patients demand video content so they can make more informed choices which means other dentists, orthodontists and doctors are creating more videos in response. We asked every dentist visiting us at the 2017 Dentistry Show if they’d be investing in creating YouTube and Facebook videos in the coming year and over 60% replied they would. And video content will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by the end 2017, according to Cisco.

Are you ready to start creating video content as part of your marketing strategy? FooCo will give you some ideas for videos you can film and offer up some tips for integrating them into your marketing.

11 Video Marketing Ideas to Try

Many dentists, orthodontists and doctors know that they need to start using video, but when it comes time to sit down and create one, they’re lost for what to do. Here are a few ideas for videos that will help you attract new patients.

Video Ideas


  • Create short “thank you” videos from your team to new patients making an enquiry through your website or who’ve attended a consultation. Simply add them to your thank you email to make that personal connection.
  • Film a screencast demo of a specific treatment or specialist piece of equipment.
  • Film patient testimonials from real people but please – no scripts!


  • Film extended patient testimonials and case studies
  • Create longer treatment videos in an FAQ style. Avoid straight talking-head and include b-role and cutaways so viewers get more out of each video.
  • Do a short introduction of your business, its mission, and vision.


  • Create a full homepage video infomercial. Showcase you, your team, the practice and your delighted patients. Remember, you change the quality of lives so let patients tell their stories.
  • Turn blog posts into short, how-to videos and summaries.
  • Film longer interviews with key members of the company. People buy people so showcase your outstanding team.
  • Shoot live presentations, conference speeches or lectures and add in their slides in post-production.
  • Create videos for each of your calls-to-action (one for “call us,” one for “sign up for a free consultation,” one for “refer your friends and get free treatment,” etc.).