why video

Why Video?

There's simply no better way to communicate

“People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they see and hear”

FooCo was the first company in the UK to offer a dedicated Dental Video Production Service and we’ve now produced thousands of Dental Videos, orthodontic videos, dental patient testimonial videos, and Reception Area Videos.

In general, visitors to your website prefer to get their information by watching a dental practice video than reading pages of text. Why? Because it’s easier to digest information by watching than reading. It simply requires less effort. Video also reveals much more about your dental or orthodontic practice than text and images. If a new patient is offered the chance to look behind your front door, “meet” the dentist and key staff, see how real patients rate their experience and learn what dental treatments are offered they will be put at ease and feel more confident about booking an appointment.

Your dental marketing videos will generate more patients for you because a FooCo web video will break down the invisible barriers stopping a potential new patient becoming an actual patient.

Here’s some more reasons why adding video to your website, social media channels and waiting room will result in the best return on investment you’ll ever make.

  • You’re in a people business. Introduce your practice or business to your patients and customers.
  • On average, visitors spend an extra two and half minutes on a video website. More engagement means more conversions.
  • Google owns YouTube so you get seen on the two biggest search engines in the world.
  • Video will improve your search engine ranking. Your dental website is 53 x more likely to rank on page #1 of Google than plain text sites. More eyeballs on your website means more business through your door.
  • The plain fact is, it’s easier to watch than read. People like easy.

We’ll help create your own YouTube Channel so you can stream videos and get the most of optimizing for YouTube and Google search. This includes meta-tag and description writing.

Smart dentists use video to market themselves.